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Welcome to Bloods.

Bloods as Roots

Bloods have been running in the circles of vein for several years. Those cycles of journey have been an amazing adventures. Besides brave thundering days, the tempering nights, some cloaks were washed out, some bottles emptied, some passions tired out..

The roads are seems wilder than before, the storm are gathering and the bridges were burned down to a crisp. Just when you thought the darker days ahead, we start to ask ourselves; Is it a sign to slow down and start digging the grave? or is it the calling of a new adventures ahead?.

After series of sleepless nights abused to recollect our nerves to answer those questions, Here, we declare; instead of calling it a day, Bloods took the oath to gear up for the next chapter where the bravery redefined, vision recaptured and veins reinvented.

This is a not a test neither a testament. This document you hold right now is a summary of passions trying to guide some ridiculous trains of thoughts in the name of defending simple ideas like ‘friendship’, ‘honesty’, ‘persistence’, ‘temperance’ and ‘loyalty’.

Few things better left unsaid, let the hard work begins..

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